What could I tell you about me? Well, let's see...

I'm seriously in love with coffee, cinema, good food and playing air drums like a crazy snotty kid. Yes, nailed!

Ok, I also have some “calm” stuff here to tell you: I'm a dreamer, heart thinker, always looking for love and to share the love. Photography is like my life: I let myself inspire by authentic emotions, I need attention to details, I'm fascinated by our Earth, with its colors, lights and sea. I also find inspiration in deep feelings, art and creativity but in movies, rock and jazz music too... because I often imagine my life as an epic novel with an overwhelming soundtrack.


My everyday's challenge is to document love stories, leaving a concrete example of (the) something bigger and deeper around us, inside us, because great moments don't happen everyday, so bring your raw love and I will create your future memories.


I promise that those moments will last forever as the most precious thing you have. Trust me and let me show you how I do it.


This is why I shoot the way I shoot. This is me, a simple person happy to document your beautiful life and this is all I need. P.