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Tony's Barber Shop: Art Experience @ Summer Beach Alghero, Sardinia Portrait Photographer

Some people create their own craft directly on the field. Other people’s gestures are books for them, tools are their pens and pencils. They dream big and live big, transforming passion into a real art. Thus last Summer in Alghero, the art took shape thanks to the ability and creativity of a barber and hairdresser who converted his job into an unlimited source of inspiration... please tell me what really art is, if this it isn’t.

In an old-fashioned setting, barefoot into the sand, he trims your beard, cuts your hair, together with the sound of the waves, the sea scent, under the direct sunlight at sunrise and sunset. He is inspired by our beautiful land, away from the enclosed space of a hair salon. In such a vintage setting we have started to work together, both inspired by our inner demons, setting free the art that lives inside us.

Everything seems possible thanks to Antonio Pingiori: artist, hairdresser, exceptional barber; a man of a rare sensitivity, he can be moved in a way that just a few people feel like nowadays. This is what I can tell you through images.

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