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Alice & Francesco: Engagement Session Venezia, Sardinia Engagement Photographer

She is bright, effervescent, simply beautiful. Nothing else is needed by men like him, one of those that keep something inside themselves. They have faced so many events together but have never felt defeated, they have never quit running. Alice and Francesco are beautiful, they always know how to make jokes, they have excess energy. This is what inspired me to develop a couple portrait that makes me feel really proud.

You have the end of the afternoon in January in Mestre, the red sunset sheds the light on piazza Ferretto, a slightly vintage style coffee shop, their complicity and that’s it! I watch this portrait again and again and smile: in a few years time these images won’t just tell their story, they will also make it possible to live again marvellous emotions.

Thank-you guys! I would never stop taking pictures of you!

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