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Angelica: Family Portrait Alghero, Sardinia Family Portrait & Wedding Photographer

If I have to choose a word to describe Angelica I would pick up the word “REBEL”. Rebel as an independent free spirit, a pure energy soul, joy, life that everything and everybody blows over around her; uncommonly intelligent for a just two-year old child! I have rarely met such babies during family photo sessions.

Angelica plays involving her Mom, Dad, Granny and Auntie as well as my assistant. There’s no need to give tips to this family as Angelica’s world is a surprisingly intense, to be entirely discovered. A walk under the pine trees in Alghero, surrounded by the tree scent and a chilly temperature, through games, jumps and endless cuddling. Such a moving day, the love of this incredible family has fondled lovingly my heart.

This is my account and I am happy I had the privilege to donate them these unforgettable memories.

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