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German Intimate Wedding in Budoni with a Lovely Family, Sardinia Wedding Photographer

It took me so long to choose the pictures to include in this blog post. The more the days ran and the more it grew in me an awareness of how much I am bound to that day and the celebration of the Love of an amazing and lovely Family.

Because there are weddings that leave you something special inside: a deep emotion, dense, not entirely accessible, not even to my careful eyes... and so it happened that last Saturday with Christiane, Holm and their two beautiful daughters. I always feel a privileged witness of precious moments in the lives of others, this time more than ever.

They arrived from Hamburg to celebrate the wedding with their two little girls and close friends on that island which is the story and memory of their happy moments, Christiane and Holm celebrated their love surrounded by the affection of their loved ones, wrapped by loving smiles and playful eyes. And for a moment Budoni's pinewood has become a magical place where to bless the hope of a light future and to take leave of the weight of a past that is still alive in everyone's eyes.

I sincerely wish them that the road ahead will be light and full of smiles and hugs as in these shots.

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