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Christmas Family Portrait, Sardinia Wedding Photographer in Sassari

As I already said a thousand times this was an anomalous year. Outside there, life leaves us scared, worried and distant, but inside it gives us moments of great intensity and it was also during these holidays when together with my wife decided to give ourselves a Christmas-themed family photoshoot to have a memory of our little baby on his first Christmas.

We then asked to a fellow photographer who created a very nice set for the Christmas sessions to create our Family Portrait which immediately turned into a human and professional exchange that gave us great emotions. While I was asking her for some shots of my family, she asked me to do the same, because you know, photographers are rarely in front of the camera, but always behind it, so I had the privilege of portraying Laura, Giancarlo and Aurora on a beautiful morning before Christmas giving them some family pictures.

Maybe the Christmas set would have required a classic posed photo, each member of the family in its own place but I could not resist the temptation and I surrender to the desire to capture Aurora's euphoria, the laughters with dad, the cuddles with mum, the games in the middle of the games and also the pouts, the aerial glides and the ring-around-the-rosie.

So no, you will hardly find the classic posed pictures.

Instead you'll find life, family, joy and warmth.

Thanks to Laura for giving us the opportunity to use her set made by the talented Sarah Art Design.