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As the French writer Théophile Gautier used to say, art is beauty, the wedding planner today is, more than ever, like an artist committed to giving life to real creations at the service of art, of beauty, of elegance and good taste. To this creative artist of modern times, couples entrust the realization of their perfect Wedding Day. The installations, the flower styling, the mise en place and the beauty of the location are blended to create a magical background for a fairytale wedding.

So sometimes it happens, even as a photographer, to admire the charm that the place seems to spread, which is the result of the painstaking work of a professional. This is what happened in the evocative location of the SS.mi Angeli Custodi villa, in Alghero, for Ilaria and Giovanni Antonio’s wedding organized by Sara Events.

The choice of location for the most important day of your life is not limited to the realization of a centrepiece, but it takes inspiration from the place you have chosen for your wedding and with the complicity of lights, flowers, perfumes, and colours, it can give life to fairytale suggestions.

In a Shabby Chic atmosphere, the Wedding Planner has been able to create a magical frame enhancing the beauty of a rocky location without renouncing to the elegance and refinement. Sara, in fact, has chosen to be helped by her team of experts which allowed her to create a fabulous wedding thanks to the choice of a delicate and classy flower styling, designed with vintage inserts, mirrors and colored lights as for the realization of a very elegant corner for a tableau de marriage composed of furniture, cushions, mirrors and floral cups all strictly antique.

Delicate nuances of roses and peonies, and shining frames and golden candelabra gave life to tables perfectly marrying the green of the surrounding countryside and the masonry buildings. The soft white fabrics and the porcelains have given great elegance to the mise en place, perfect in every detail.

The magic took place when the sun went down and, with the first shadows, a cascade of lights poured into the party turning the entire villa into an enchanted and exclusive place. The crystal chandeliers helped to create the perfect atmosphere by enlivening the guests' tables with dancing light reverberations, while lanterns and glass boules hanged on branches tree illuminated the garden with a warm and soft light.

A creative and more exuberant space has been set up for the Photo Booth, with coloured lights and a spectacular flowery arch that has given a lunar touch to this enchanting place.

Family and friends can continue to celebrate and share dances, pictures and confetti arranged with great elegance in dedicated spaces.

A perfect result from which to be inspired so that your day will be not left to chance but taken care of in every part, even the smallest. Because as Leonardo da Vinci used to say, I remind you that if "the details are perfection, perfection is not a detail"!

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