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Gift Woman Portrait: Sardinia Portrait Photographer

Photography can somehow act on the wounds of the soul and I was already experimenting this on myself, for the story that I carry with me, and because by photographing others I can express essential and fundamental elements of what I am.

But this time, someone thought that my photography could have a so-called "therapeutic" implication, against insecurity, introversion, repulsion with which sometimes we reject the refraction that we see glimpsing in the mirror.

"Why did you hurt me so bad? The young nymph angry said to the mother goddess."

This is how "Ilaria, tell me about you" project is born. These pictures are the narration of a self, committed to mirroring the wealth it carries within. This is what photography does: it offers itself to others to be observed in the complexity of what it bears on it; it doesn't pretend to tell the truth, but it tries to bring out new faces of reality... not yet observed.

In this story, photography becomes self-discovery, awareness.

So, Ilaria, now it's me that I tell you something that you had not yet imagined to be.

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