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Winter Wedding at Hotel Punta Negra Alghero, Sardinia Wedding Photographer

Besides the mutual Love, this couple shares a great passion: singing choral and sacred.

I had the opportunity to listen to them with their choir many times. I've been overwhelm by sounds capable to giving emotions and to touch us the depths of our soul... and so are they.

Oriana and Gianfranco give themselves to their dearest friends and family, totally.

They give their most real and profound essence, made not only of true Love, but also of generosity, warmth and comfort.

A great and unique feeling that only a few times I was lucky enough to being surrounded by.

These are the moments of their day dedicated to a great party made of joy and sharing for an extraordinary Winter Wedding.


Party Venue: Hotel Punta Negra, Alghero

Bridal Dress & Bouquet: Gian Giuseppe Pisuttu, Ittiri Make-Up Artist: Sarah_Art Alfonso, Alghero Groom Dress: Linus di Cossu Giammario, Thiesi

Music: Cover Garden, Alghero

Photographer: Salvadori Photography, Alghero

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