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Intimate Wedding Collection 2017: Sardinia Wedding Photographer

Details are what I mostly adore to photograph during your wedding.

Details are what distinguish one bride from another, what makes Veronica, Paola, Stefania and Federica different; what makes them different from all the other brides. Each details tells a tale, the story of a couple, a dream that comes true.

Thus, it may be the flower decoration on a shoe instead of a pair of magenta All-Stars, a rose bouquet instead of one made of butterflies, a coloured ribbon or a delicate lace.

Although it may seem odd, there is a world of wishes, commitment and sharing behind all that, as well as a desire to start a new life aiming at building something even bigger which is going to belong to us forever.

A life full of details as this is Love, and it is a lot more than this. And each time I get seduced by all this.

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